Plan the Work – Work the Plan!

I got this in my early years when I was on the Real Estate side of this business and I use it all the time. “Plan the Work, Work the Plan”. It is a powerful nugget to remember again and again when faced with days, or situations, that you just would rather not deal with. Do it anyway – Work the Plan!

Most people start January off with goals and dreams and things they are going to do. At this point, in late January, 95% are off track and already wondering what the rest of the year holds…. Plan the Work, Work the Plan.

Get back on track it is early in the year. Start fresh and get re-energized by just doing the tasks in front of you. Don’t worry about the rest of the year, do the things you said you would do now and watch your power grow!

If you don’t feel like calling that customer with bad news-do it anyway – Work the Plan! Don’t feel like working out – do it anyway! Don’t feel like calling on 10 people a day – do it anyway – Work the Plan!

There is power in action-there is power in movement-even small movement-towards a goal. I am going to come out of January more on my game then I went in because I am just focusing on the tasks at hand and working my plan. We will close more loans in January then we did the entire first quarter of last year! All because I am just working the plan. The same format I shared a few weeks ago. It is nothing special, just working a plan. What’s holding you back? Knowledge? Tools? Lack of a Plan? Not working the plan?

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