EXCEL Commercial Capital Corp.

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5784 Lake Forrest Dr.
Suite 204
Atlanta, GA. 30328
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EXCEL Commercial Capital was formed in May 2010. It was formed as an offshoot of HomeStar Mortgage, Inc., which was incorporated May 1999. Over the last 11 years, we have originated many commercial loans stemming from requests from current and past customers, commercial real estate brokers, and other referral partnerships. HomeStar’s primary focus at the time, was supposed to be on the residential market, but from the very first day we opened our doors in 1999 (actually it had been going long before that) we were getting requests for commercial loans. In the first seven to eight years we saw a steady increase in the number of commercial loans that we closed.

In 2007, we decided to open up a separate commercial division because the increase in commercial volume, and a short while later Excel Commercial Capital was formed. Between our direct funding, our correspondent relationships, and our brokerage relationships we have established approximately 200 private sources of funds, which translates into hundreds of programs to choose from to meet our client’s needs.  It has also allowed us to provide, through economies of scale, much better pricing and service to our clients, our referral source’s and their clientele.

Our commercial borrowers, who openly communicate with us, always receive friendly, supportive and creative pre-underwriting services that typically results in our borrowers receiving the fastest written term sheets, containing the best rates, terms and conditions presently available anywhere in the United States.

With just a few documents, we will issue a written term sheet within 48 hours. This will take the guesswork out of this portion of your purchasing equation. The “Term Sheet” gives you the written information to make an informed and educated decision based upon the facts of the “Offer”. If the “Offer” meets your needs, your signature seals the deal and closing is a few weeks away, providing you meet the conditions listed in the offer.

Producing quick and accurate Term Sheets separates us from the pack and respects your valuable time!