Multifamily properties, also know as apartments, is the most widely known commercial property type as nearly every individual will live in an apartment at some point in their life. Like all other types of properties, multifamily properties come in all different shapes and sizes. Below are the most common multifamily property types:

Garden- Multiple story buildings spread out around a central area, often times a clubhouse, pool, or central courtyard. Garden style properties are usually in suburban areas.

Mid Rise- Mid Rise properties are 3-5 stories and are located in densely populated areas.

High Rise- High Rise properties are 6 or more stories and are located in densely populated areas.

Affordable- Affordable properties are those in which the government reimburses a portion of the rent.

Student- Student properties are located on or near a college campus.

Military- Military properties are used exclusively, or semi-exclusively by branches of the military and are generally in close proximity to a military base.

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