Commercial Loan Options

Owner Occupied Mortgage Loans:
Too many loan conventional loan options to list, starting at $300,000, LTV’s from 65% – 75%, DSCR 1.20, Am 20 – 25 year, Min credit 650.

Use for Purchase, Rate & Term Refinancing and Limited Cash Out for justifiable business purposes. Conventional financing, not SBA

SBA 504:
Min $250,000 to $5 Million, Owner Occupied Real Estate, generally purchases and possibly some refinances. No Cash out. No projections must use historical cash flows. 50% Lender 1st mortgage and 40% SBA 2nd. Tougher to qualify than a SBA 7a.

·    51% or more owner occupied

·    620 Min FICO, but 660+ preferred

·    1.2 DSCR & personal DTI must cash flow

·    To 90% LTV, the 10% must be personal seasoned funds

·    Congress may loosen up this program in the near future

Our lenders are "Preferred" private lending sources and Banks that actually want to lend and can and will make quick decisions. Typically 1 week to commitment and 60 days to close.

SBA 7a:  

Can use for owner occupied real estate, start ups and business only loans. The only loan product that can use projections to get approval. Possible refinances if saves 20% over present P & I payments. Possible cash out to improve business.

·    51% or more owner occupied

·    Min 620 FICO, higher is much better

·    1.2 DSCR and personal DTI must cash flow

·    Real estate to 90% LTV

·    Business only, 80% LTV

·    Business only may need cross collateralization

·    Great vehicle to purchase name Franchise(s)

·    Min loan $150K, Max loan $2M, but Congress may raise Max soon

Our lenders are "Preferred" private lending sources and Banks that actually want to lend and can and will make quick decisions. Typically 1 week to commitment and 60 days to close.

USDA Business & Industrial:  

If your business is in a rural area, a town with an MSA population less than 50,000, this is the answer! Loans start at $300,000, up to $10 Million.  Great program for owner occupied purchase, machinery, equipment, FF&E and working capital in one package.

·    51% or more owner occupied

·    650 Min FICO

·    1.2 DSCR

·    Real Estate 30 yr AM

·    Equipment 15 year AM

·    Working Capital, 7 yr AM

·    Can do construction

Must have 10% tangible net worth in the business, 20% if a start up, so check your Balance Sheet!


Office, Retail, Light Industrial:
Mortgage loans from as low as $300,000 to $7 Million, Mixed Use LTV’s to 70%, Special Use to 60% LTV, Fixed Rates, DSCR 1.25, 20 to 25 year Amortizations, Min credit 650

Multifamily Mortgages:
Mortgages from $500,000 to $5, Million Max LTV Purchase 75%, DSCR 1.25, Am 25 to 30 year, Min credit 680, Limited cash out.

* Population of metro area will be important! Property must be in a Major city.

Very Small Balance Commercial Mortgages:

$100,000 to $500,000: Max LTV 65% -70%, DSCR 1.25, Fixed for 25 years, 3 Year Prepayment Penalty, Min Credit 600.

Use for Purchase – Cash out – or Rate & Term


Flagged Hotel:


Mortgage loans starting at $1 million, Max LTV 55% – 60%%, DSCR 1.25, Am 25 year, Min credit 650. Use for purchase and / or Rate & Term.

Hotel loans are almost nonexistent, if you have a hotel that you need to close, you had better act now before the lender runs out of these types of funds.

Bridge Loans:
Need funding to purchase or restore a distressed property and have a solid exit plan, then Bridge loan financing may be your ticket to building your real estate portfolio. Consider Bridge loans as semi hard money, starting at $1 Million.

If you are experienced, you are liquid, and can prove it, we can take care of your needs.

Construction and Development Loans:

We have a great lending source that will finance A & D as well as construction to $10 Million, at below 70% loan to cost. You must have an excellent package, good credentials and successful experience.

This door may be closed before too long, so you may want to contact us ASAP.

Commercial Lines of Credit:
$250,000 to $3 Million. Line secured by Accounts Receivable & Inventory. We make quick decisions on these and it’s the only bank I know of still doing LOC’s.

If your bank is reducing, or exiting you from your LOC, call me ASAP, because I don’t know how long this opportunity will last.


An old line factor with great service and rates.  $15,000 to ? We can educate you on factoring and how to determine if it is right for you. In the right circumstances factoring can increase your net profits. It’s worth looking into if you are unhappy with present factoring company or new to factoring.

* If you have lost your line of credit, you may want consider factoring as an alternative.

Funding for Purchasing a Franchise:

Many "Franchisors" have lost their normal financing sources. We have lenders that are willing to lend to qualified new or established entrepreneurs for purchasing nationally known franchises.

If you need "start up" financing for your new franchised business, perhaps we can make your business ownership dreams come true.


Borrow from your IRA/401K, without tax consequences:

 Did you know you can borrow from your IRA/401K for business purposes and pay yourself interest (instead of Bankers) without tax penalties? Use your own saved funds for purchasing a business or income producing real estate, refinancing a business or personal loan or to pay down expensive short term, high cost, debts.

Why pay interest to the banks, when you can pay to yourself to earn more money to retire on?

Securities (Stocks/Bonds) Loans:
No Calls!  Interest only rates from 4% to 5%. Minimum portfolio $500,000. LTVs from 70% to 90%, depending on strength of portfolio.

These are normally used to provide down payment or to prove liquidity for a large commercial loan.