48 Hour First Underwriting Approval

Help Your Loan Close, and Quickly
Because we have money to lend "right now", we are extremely busy sorting through loan requests.

If you seriously want to make a loan inquiry, be smart and prepared with the following "minimal" information available to present to us:

  • Proper name, address, date of birth and social security number for all borrowers. We will need this and your Credit Report Authorization and Release to pull a  full credit report.
  • A Personal Financial Statement on borrowers.
  • Your YTD P&L if you are purchasing a property. Plus a YTD P & L on borrowing business entity.
  • Previous Year End P& L and Balance Sheet for all borrowers and property.
  • If a refinance, the details of your present loan, including term, interest rate, amortization. Details of any possible prepayment or interest guarantee provisions or defeasance. Also your original purchase price and capital improvements made to date.
  • Detailed Listing or Tax Assessor's property description
  • A few digital pictures of the subject property.
  • A brief Bio about your pertinent business experience and or a resume.
  • An Executive Summary

By being prepared, open, honest and cooperative with us, your file will get first consideration. This will allow us to quickly package and present your request to our underwriting staff.

This approach not only exponentially expands your chances of obtaining the best terms and conditions available, but also produces the first undewriting approval.

This first underwriting approval will give you all the salient information needed by you to determine if the loan meets your needs and goals. By providing minimal documentation, we can usually achieve the first underwriting approval within 48 hours of receiving all of the needed documentation.

Having the first underwriting approval in hand puts you in the drivers seat!  You will know:

  • Your deal can actually be done, at what amount, interest rate and monthly payment
  • You will have in writing, all the accurate and detailed terms and conditions

The first underwriting approval puts you in a position of power by allowing YOU to make an intelligent decision as to whether the offer meets your approval for your ROI and affordability expectations.

We feel our proven efficient approach is a far more effective use of everyones valuable time and we have the testimonials from happy clients to back us up.

Long time commercial borrowers will agree with our approach from their past lending experiences.  However, first time commercial borrowers can rest assured we will educate and guide you through your funding goal(s) without a time wasting learning curve.

We are always here to be of service.

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